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No Free Speech

Why you should stand against M-103

Danger M-103 and What you need to Know?

Islamophobia is not being defined.


was created by the

Muslim Brotherhood

for a Political Agenda.

M103 is: Sharia Law equals Blasphemy.

This will effect you in mulitiple ways in that Canadian laws will cease to exist. The M103 (SHARIA LAW) will replace Canada Law.

Here’s some of what Sharia law entails:

  • Child Marriage and Pedophilia
  • more Animal Cruelty¬†acceptance.
  • Wife Abuse (FGM)
  • Most Crimes punishable only by Barbaric Sentences
  • Loss of Freedom of Speech and Expression
  • Loss of Rights
  • Loss of the Canadian way of life
  • And so many other un-Canadian laws

Who is behind M103?

Iqra Khalid, Liberal Muslim MP

She met with Islamist Lobby NCCM/CAIR-Can, Islamic Relief and Haroun Bouazzi.

Why did she bring forth a Blasphemy Law??? when she came from a country where she knows it is Blasphemy to criticize Islam.

Iqra Khalid was with the Muslim Student
Asscociation which is an Arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Only you as a Canadian can make a difference and change things!

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